Apa yang diperbaiki di Wroclaw 1.7.2 dari 1.7.1

Cukup banyak perbaikan yang menarik, terutama, yang bergaris bawah, cetak miring, dan tebal,

  • Fix Gdaltools error checking for ogr layers
  • More Translations in OSM plugin
  • Fix for ticket #4283 (composer forgets on/off status of layers)
  • Fix to v.generalize for recent GRASS versions
  • Fix typos in GRASS command list
  • Restore override cursor when about box is shown
  • Fix #4319 (Enhance maximum for point displacement tolerance)
  • Added Python wrappers for QgsZonalStatistics
  • Fix #4331 (Classification dialog issues)
  • Fix #4282 (Wrong map zooming when using the “Attribute Table” zoom tool)
  • Match proj4string in database
  • Fix #4241 (Ensure that we have a valid line in line decoration)
  • Fix label id for GetPrint in composer
  • Fix #3041 (Make the gdaltools command editable)
  • Fix shift in point displacement renderer
  • Fix for a crash in projection selection
  • Fix #4308 (Interpolation and Terrain core plugins)
  • Insert date value in attribute editor
  • Fix #4387 (Enable “add direction symbol” only for line layers)
  • Fix #2491 (Handle raster layer’s transparency band while rendering)
  • Allow setting I/O encoding for OGR layers in vector layer properties.
  • Fix #4414 (SVG indicators for arrows are not shown)
  • Label direction symbol shouldn’t depend on “map” vs. “line” orientation.
  • Set prompt as default behaviour for unknown CRS
  • For EPSG initialize GDAL CRS from authid instead of proj.4 string
  • Fix #4439 (Crash when changing style in Layer Properties)
  • Fix #4444 (Error when loading Python plugins)
  • Fix #4440 (invalid reference to Trac)
  • Fix stopRender call in graduated symbol renderer
  • Fix #4479 – trigger “new color ramp” always when activated
  • Hide query entry in legend context menu for layers with joins
  • Fix #4496 (Refresh map list in composer table widget in showEvent)
  • OS X build/install updates
  • GRASS version support
  • Intializing from WKT favourize EPSG instead of PROJ.4
  • Add What’s this to Help menu (implement #4179)
  • fTools: update layers lists after adding new layer to TOC (fix #4318)
  • Don’t block QGIS main window when running Merge shapefiles tool. Partially addresses #4383
  • Fix broken Assign projection functionality in GDALTools and improve handling output file extension

sumber : http://www.qgis.org/en/about-qgis/qgis-releases/135-qgis-1-7-2-releasehtml.html

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